Wellness & Beauty

With our partners in wellnes we offer a wide selection of holistic treatments and bespoke fusion treatments that combine Eastern and Western techniques. Treatments take place either in the comfort of where you are staying and all members of the team are fully qualified therapists with long-term experience. We offer an extensive range of luxurious massage, Hot Yoga and beauty treatments in Ibiza.
If You are looking for stylish & luxurious retreat in Ibiza.
My Concierge Ibiza collaborate with various a fully qualified professional in massage Therapy & Hot Yoga.
Our Spa services offers you therapies for the harmony between your body, mind and spirit.
Also, we provide you with a series of different yoga classes to help you bring peace in your life, pilates, meditation, stretching and of course you can have your private personal trainer according with your busy life.

Sound healing and gong therapy with sound bath is also one of the best treatment we like to suggest to who never approach this kind of therapy.