Audio/Lighting service and Dj hire

With My Concierge Ibiza We have a great passion for audio/lighting system and music in general.

At this time, My Concierge Ibiza Ibiza offers its products and services to private events but we are working to expand this side of our services also to discos, music festivals, local business and institutions around the island.

We offer the choice of rent or even buying to everything necessary to ensure our clients a great-high-quality sound and good professional service, as the best lighting equipment to cover any type of event’s needs.

We work with engineers and specialists that are always available and at its customers’ service, advising them and as active part of their events whose sole mission is to ensure the best project development with a maximum performance of the equipment and services contracted.

There is no event simply too big or too small for us. We have as exclusive in the world the high end audio system from asma-audio made from Pierpaolo Salvi artist and sound engineer that is making his sculpture having life and making sound.

Design, soundproofing and system equalization for indoor and outdoor areas, Design and creation of audio structures while taking available space and eventual specific musical genres, the client may have, all into careful consideration.

Restaurants, fashion events, presentations, award ceremonies…

My Concierge Ibiza has designed for all of them a personalized proposal, because We enjoys working side-by-side with the client, providing guidance and tailored to their needs.

Above to all the audio and lighting service We can also provide to find for your events the best DJ line up tailor made for your request, as we live and work on the island we have great contact with many Dj from the most famous in the world just to let you move at the rhythms you would love during your party.