Bar Costa: not only Bocadillos

It’s quite impossible not to know the “Bar Can Costa”, one of the most typical places where to eat Jamon and local products. This is not the only reason why this place become famous during the years, and why is still a “must see” even now. But what is the history of this place and why it is so famous?

It was once the village bar, open on weekends or on rainy days when the farmers could not go to work and gathered around the fireplace in the internal room (set up like a mountain hut, this style can be see in many Ibizan country houses) to drink and eat. In 1963 it was purchased by Vicent Roig Pi, who made it the well-known place it is today, where you can go and eat ham in the form of tapas or bocadillos sitting at the low tables in front of the church.

Inside you can see numerous paintings, which are part of Vincent’s private collection, put together in a rather intelligent way since the beginning of the seventies, when the island was full of artists and hippies. One fine day the Chilean painter Andrés Monreal offered to pay for his drinks with paintings and Vicent accepted; other artists adopted the same payment method, and Vicent soon began reselling paintings to tourists. With the money he purchased new pieces from the studios of the island’s artists until the collection reached a decent size. Vicent died a few years ago and now his son Pep and his grandson Vicent continue the tradition.


The bar has a rustic and authentic Ibicencan ambiance, with its interior adorned with paintings, sculptures, and local artifacts that were once exchanged by struggling artists for food and drink. This gives the bar a unique historical charm. Bar Costa is renowned for serving traditional Ibicencan delicacies such as jamón Ibérico de Bellota, jamón Serrano, cheese, chorizo, and wine, offering visitors a true taste of the island’s culinary heritage. The bar’s specialty is its bocadillos (toasted flatbread rolls) filled with these local cured meats and cheeses. The bar has been a gathering place for locals and visitors alike for decades, with its affordable menu and laid-back ambiance allowing people to soak in the authentic atmosphere of Ibiza. Overall, Bar Costa is an iconic and historic establishment that has been a central part of the Santa Gertrudis community and Ibiza’s cultural identity for many years, offering visitors a genuine taste of the island’s essence.