Monday’s at Pikes: is Manumission back?

Who used to be in Ibiza in the 90s can’t forget the historical Manumission Party, the Legendary Ibiza Party That Redefined Hedonism

Manumission was one of the most iconic and influential club events in Ibiza’s history. Launched in 1994, it quickly became renowned for its transgressive spirit, live sex shows, and anything-goes atmosphere that encapsulated the island’s freewheeling party culture at the time. The party was founded by Mike and Claire, who envisioned it as a reaction against the sameness of typical nightclub experiences. Manumission was all about fantasy, glamour, and pure escapism – it combined aerial acrobatics, drama, humor, and fashion into an immersive, sexually-charged theatrical production unlike anything else on the island.

The turning point for Manumission came in the late 1990s when the founders held a legendary party during Paris Fashion Week. Supermodels like Kate Moss, Helena Christensen, and Naomi Campbell were spotted dancing on tables, while a famous sex performer eloped with one of the party’s dwarves. This event helped put Manumission on the global map and solidified its reputation as the most outrageous party in Ibiza. Over its 14-year run, Manumission filled the world’s largest club, Privilege (formerly Ku), with up to 10,000 people every night. It hosted countless famous guests like Kate Moss and Jade Jagger, and introduced breakbeat music to the island with DJs like Fatboy Slim. Though the original Manumission party ended in 2007, its legacy lives on. In 2022, the founders Mike and Claire teamed up with creative minds from Cirque du Soleil, Madonna’s show directors, and legendary DJ Smokin’ Jo to reboot the party as “Animusomnis” – a sci-fi, surreal take on the original Manumission experience. Manumission’s unparalleled energy, theatrics, and hedonistic spirit made it one of the most legendary club events in Ibiza’s history. Its influence can still be felt in the island’s vibrant party scene today…


Pikes owner Andy McKay – the man formerly known as Andy Manumission – has long been a pioneer of these halcyon Monday nights, having co-founded and promoted one of the most legendary club events in the world during its heyday. Now 30 years later, inspired by the spirit and unmatched energy of the Manumission era, he pays tribute to this heritage by launching a new series of innovative events in Freddies: Andy Manumission & Pikes Ibiza present Mondays.

It’s all about freedom.
Go where the magic takes you.
Be whoever you want to be
It’s a party not a concert.
An old kind of energy for the new Ibiza.

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We are super curious to see how the old vibe will be bring back to life. Certainly, we are great Pike’s lover, so this will be a great occasion to join our favorite place also on Monday. 😉 Remember to register to be on the guest list.