At BLESS Hotel Ibiza, unforgettable food and spa experience

Located on a cliff of the northen-east side of the island, just above the famous Cala Nova beach, the BLESS Hotel Ibiza is looking at the sea, ready to welcome their customers in an environment built to let people have an unforgettable life experience. Aimed at a hedonistic and cosmopolitan public that fully enjoys the pleasures of life, it is characterized by the exquisite, exclusive and personalized treatment of each guest and by offering a wide diversity of unique experiences, related to music, culture, art, fashion and gastronomy. Is this one that we have the pleasure to be invited to enjoy, to feel with all the five senses what this culinary experience mean, in one of the 3 restaurants on the island that get the precious Michelin Star…


For this new season, the most successful chef in the country, Martìn Berasategui, continues with his commitment to return to the origins, fusing the most sublime products of the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean so that the diner can experience the flavors of the island, without losing the essence of its kitchen. Under the direction of Executive Chef Paco Budia, Etxeko Ibiza’s proposal covers the old part of San Sebastián through a mixture of ancient flavors and incorporates the best Ibizan raw materials. A reinterpretation of Basque gastronomy with the leading role of the island’s products.

This gastronomic “trip” can be enjoyed through its tasting menu, which includes original products so typical of both areas such as the Ibizan rotja or the Basque chilli sparkling wine accompanied by sirvia. The tasting menu is divided into different passes, among which are Berasategui classics that have earned him worldwide fame, such as the ‘Snacks‘, which include the ‘Liquid Ham Tortilla’ or the ‘Hake in tempura with amontillado mayonnaise and caviar’. The menu continues with ‘The Etxeko salad’ or ‘From the garden to the river’, Norway lobster carpaccio on a background of emulsified fennel in textures that reflect the Basque chef’s commitment to the Balearic environment.
The dinner goes one with some dishes from the sea, like ‘El Océano’, Ibizan roast with charcoal, on razor clams and Massaman curry, adding Asian flavors to the menu thanks to the Thai curry; and for the meats, ‘La Tradición’, Luismi sirloin, with chard chlorophyll, cheese chocolates and Iberian sauce, or ‘La Dehesa’, smoked Iberian pork slices, light touches of oyster tarama and ice cream with green mustard to fine herbs, among others, will delight the most demanding.

To close with the desserts, proposals such as ‘La Frescura’, frozen celery with iced brandy, carrot and beetroot and fruit compote or ´La Sorpresa ‘, creamy mango rock, caramelised hazelnuts, coffee butter and vanilla toffee, will let you go high…and very satisfied.
Every dish has a very visual “eye pleasing” presentation, many of which are finished at the table itself, in front of the diner, to make people participate in the gastronomic experience and make them feel at home, honoring its name, ETXEKO, which in Basque means “from home”.

Open to guest of the hotel as well as non-guest (Tasting menu 180€ pp)


From this year, the BLESS Hotel decided to joins forces with Beldon Beauty, a firm that offers personalized beauty protocols and worships care from within, to incorporate a new concept dedicated to mind, body and soul care into its wellness offer: Beldon Wellness. A proposal based on full relaxation to reconnect with the environment and the present moment, through revitalizing rituals and practices. Its treatment menu offers a wide variety of tailor-made facial, body and ritual services whose objective is to provide the necessary bases to achieve the balance of body, mind and soul. But is not only an exclusive and custom made SPA experience that you can enjoy; one of the most interesting proposals of this season is the OPERA SPA NIGHT…

...a series of opera concerts while attendees can enjoy the water and hydrotherapy circuit, the aromatherapy showers and the jacuzzi in the spectacular Beldon Wellness. Surrounded by the nature of the Mediterranean, hotel guests and visitors will be able to enjoy the voice of a soprano thanks to the acoustics of the space. For this season, the Ópera Spa Night experience begins with a welcome drink of champagne that invites attendees to delve into the elegance of the event, savor different waters flavored with lavender, strawberries or basil, as well as skewers of the best fruits and healthy desserts, prepared exclusively for the meeting, to culminate with the pleasure of listening live to the imposing voice of a soprano, reinforced by the acoustic echo of the space, added to the pleasure of savoring healthy cocktails and sparkling drinks.
All this in an environment full of light and color, thanks to the warm decoration of candles and natural flowers that allow you to disconnect from the outside through music, light and flavors, reconnecting with yourself in a spiritual, cultural and magical environment.

The event will be every 2 Wednesdays (next will be the 30th of August). The Ópera Spa Night experience is free for housed guests but is open for non-housed clients (€75 pp).