50 years of Hippy Market (and San Joan’s Market Re-opening)

Who come to Ibiza, can’t avoid to go to one of the “hippy market” of the Island (of course you can skip them, but it’s like missing a part of the story of this island)!!! 😉 Now you can find markets all days, but the REAL and OLDER one is the one of Punta Arabi (Es Canar), that this week is celebrating it’s 50 YEARS ANNIVERSARY! The story of the hippy that used to came here to live their life in total freedom is well know; in 1973, the director of the Hotel Punta Arabi, offers the space of his structure to a little group of people, inviting them to sell their artisanal stuff as a “turistic” attraction for the guests of the hotel (in that period not so much people like now).

They start in 5, showing their products on a towel down the shadows of the trees: Mali, with her homemade sweets, a lady from Formentera with some sweaters handmade with the wool of her sheep, a guy that used to sell little puppies, kids exchanging toys and a traveller selling bijoux from India. All of them surrounded by musicians and cool jam sessions. The situation is still alive, now, after 50 years, but it grows…quiet a lot! Now the market is huge, has more than 400 stalls, selling everything, from real artisanal products to imported from other countries, keeping the tradition of buying-and-selling alive (even because most of the people still use to travel to India, Indonesia, Marocco and Mexico to buy stuff for the next summer). Yes, now it’s a business, but they’re trying to keep the same friendly and free spirit alive. This Wednesday, 16th of August 2023, there will be a big party, with concerts and dj sessions all day long, to celebrate this very special birthday. Don’t miss it!

From 1973 to 2023…50 Years of Hippy Market!


Another thing to not miss this week, is the Re-Opening of San Joan Market! It’s not that old as the Hippy Market, but this little Sunday happening of all-year-long in the small pueblo of San Joan, has already steal a lot of hearts during the last year. That’s why it was a pity the unexpected closing of the last October; an event that breaks the temporada just in the middle of the cool season. Fortunately, after the new elections and a re-plan of the whole market, they decided to open again with a selection of 95 very selected brands, with a special eye pointed on originality, artisanal products and cool designers from the island. You can find clothes, bijoux, food, beauty and artistica products…as well as two stages with good music from 12 to closing (15.30 more or less).

So, just go up to the North and enjoy again the vibes of this cool market!