Private Chef: a wish, a pleasure, a little big luxury

Let’s face it: when you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to think about is the kitchen! Or rather, food is an integral part of a holiday, especially in a place abroad where you want to taste the local cuisine. Going out for dinner in Ibiza is very easy and the choices are multiples for all tastes and budgets (yes, there are not only super expensive restaurants). But sometimes, especially when you rent a nice house and you’re with friends or family, the best thing to have, at least once, is to come back home after a day at the beach and find a person…cooking for you!!!

Private chef coming home seems a dream, somehow, but here in Ibiza is something that can became reality very easily, as the demand for this kind of service in quite hight and the offer is very well covered at every level. From very basic home made plates of the Spanish tradition, to the classic paella, until barbecue or sophisticated plates that mix different flavor and taste from various places.


The “why” is very easy: could be a special event, such as a birthday or an anniversary, or simply a desire to have a special meal cook directly in your place, without the necessity to go out. Sometimes it can be also to try something different, as every professional private chef also have it’s own speciality and “secret receipt” to let you taste (personal and private chefs must be able to come up with menus that offer variety and include dishes from many countries and cultures). Normally the concierge (or the agency) ask for specific directions from the customer, in order to understand which stable chef might be the most suitable. The second step is to submit some different options to the customer, accompanied by some “typical” menus with the relative prices. Once the chef and the menu have been agreed upon, all you have to do is wait for the kitchen wizard to arrive home, with groceries in one hand and a bag of knives in the other, ready to cook for you. Sometimes this moments can be a real entertainment, as looking a professional chef dancing in the kitchen with mastery and know-how… it’s really a show! All the senses are satisfied, from sight to taste, passing through smell!

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