Things to do in Ibiza when it rains Part #2

Seasons are changing, and we’re all facing that. Meteo is always more unpredictable and May could be more rainy that April. So here are other options to enjoy the island even if the weather is not helping 😉 (check part one for more info).


A rainy day can be the right thing to…relax! And when we think about relax, our mind immediately goes to spa and self care! There are several in Ibiza that can offer a couple of very interesting moments, with great locations, cool services and different option to enjoy at least some hours of…nothing! Can Curreu, hotel rural located in close to Las Dalias market, has a tiny Spa inside, immersed in the nature, that can guarantee nice moments of relaxation between pool with hidro-massage, sauna and turkish bath; you can also choose to have a special beauty treatment for face/body to finish te experience (they also have interesting package including dinner or horse riding). Hacienda Na Xamena, located in the mountain around Port San Miguel, offers the most impressive Spa experience here: the famous cascadas are suspended over the sea, watching sky and sea merging together while you’re having your thermal path. Also the Agua de Ibiza hotel and Atzarò have their own spa inside: you just have to decide if you want a more country-side environment or a sea view relaxing moment.

Cave and Acquarium

There are a couple of spots on the island that are not “Open Air“, so a good idea will be visit them when it’s raining (or when it’s super super hot outside). The Acquarium fo Cap Blanc (Sant Antonio area) is one of them. Formerly known as Sa Cova de ses Llagostes (the lobster cave) this natural cave has been converted into an aquarium where you can see native marine species of Ibiza contained in a 300m2 lake. The aquarium is part of the marine species recovery network, CREM. Injured animals are transferred to it, such as some turtles, which are rescued on the coast for recovery and subsequent return to the sea. Once a week they organize a special “sardinas on the grill” dinner.

To stay in theme of “cuevas”, one of the most visited is the Cueva de Can Marca. Located in a beautiful natural enclave in the north of Ibiza, Can Marçà is an impressive cave over 100,000 years old that is located inside a cliff in Port de Sant Miquel. The cave was discovered by groups of smugglers who used it to hide their wares in the past and you can still see the marks with which they marked the entrance and exit. Since the 1980s, the cave has become one of the important tourist destinations on the island (ok, it’s not the greatest visit ever, but can be entertaining, especially if you’re travel with kids.

Eat, shop, dance…

Ok, this activities can be done always…even with sun. But when it’s raining outside is fun to dance all night long, until early morning, and pass the next day comfortably in the bed without being assailed by feelings of guilt for having lost a beautiful day at the beach indoors! 😉 In the same way you can spend more time enjoying local food with no-one stressing your for going at sea, or chilling in your favorite shop, even for more than one our. For that we suggest a visit to Sluiz Concept Store close to Santa Gertrudis, as it’s a very special (and quiet big) space with a lot of stuff to go through. You can get lost easily. And if you want to spend some more time, the super-kitsch café is an on-site inspiring option…

Stay outside

Yes, I know, it’s raining! But unless there is a global flood or some sudden storm, being outside and visiting places normally full of people, while everyone is locked in their house or hotel, is cool! Less people around. No queues. A different light. Different scenarios. Souvenir photo without too many people around. Even wandering around in the rain has its benefits. Don’t you think?