Healing in Ibiza: why this is an hot spot?

Ibiza’s energy is as famous as it is difficult to explain. It must be perceived. Lived. Without looking for it, just waiting to feel it. Among these voices, the stories of the past linked to gods who have chosen this island as their temporary home and the legends about Es Vedrà and its magnetism, the other side of Ibiza (the one far from the discos) is the one linked to its appearance therapeutic. Retreats, detox, circles for women as well as for men, weeks of reconversion with oneself and with nature, moments of personal and collective growth.

Energy aside, the environment actually lends itself well: a bright island, full of greenery, little animals, surrounded by the sea (which also has its own energy charge), with caves, plants and a nature that constantly envelops you. Living in Ibiza puts you back in tune with the seasons. And it is this extremely simple and “earthly” part of it, eating vegetables produced a few meters from home, getting eggs directly from the farmer, still being able to enjoy the traditions and the manual part of life, which restores a bit of tranquility and relaxation to who is constantly under pressure in the speed and mess of daily life. The silence, in these parts, can still be heard. Just as on moonless nights you can still be overwhelmed by the starry sky.

Stars, stones, plants, and rituals held by more or less expert facilitators (watch out for scams here, there are also not serious people around who only see the business) facilitate the rest of the process. Competent people who bring with them experiences taken from trips to distant places or the result of extraordinary natural gifts, and who give them back to those who need to reset their system, re-centre and re-connect with themselves. There are many retreats that are organized on the island, usually in periods away from the very high season (May and June are good months, but also September, October and even November) and they all have their own peculiarities: those more oriented towards personal growth , those dedicated to entrepreneurs to open their minds, those who prefer to focus on physical harmony and mono-thematic ones (to deepen specific disciplines, such as yoga or tantra).

In general they all have a holistic approach, which takes into account the physical, spiritual and food aspects, in a collective dimension where the individual can grow and develop thanks to the comparison and interaction with other human beings. All, for this reason, are kept in villas that have the right mix of open spaces, areas where they can gather and also places to be able to isolate themselves in peace. Privacy is super important. As well as good facilities to make the experience take place with fluidity.

If you are looking for a structure for your next retreat, take a look here. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the next retreat on the island, you can surf this site.